Brian McShea's The Sidemen

Brian McShea's The Sidemen are sing-along storytellers and dynamic pop rock n' roll conversationalists bringing the show back to show business.

  • Date: 08/13/2017 01:10 PM
  • Location: EcoSoule Stage


With a powerful rhythm section and a explosive horn line, the carefully crafted songs and compositions are set free by their improvisational yet precise playing, capturing the spirit of "as if Ben Folds joined Chicago and they all listened to Phish." Suspend your disbelief and the high-energy drive and live nature of the band will keep you on your feet and completely tuned in.

 The band’s debut EP, Live! From The Citgo Sign opens with a thematic overture.  The EP’s first track, Thanks to the Caterpillar Company, set in a newly single narrator’s new apartment, deals with acceptance and moving on, even while nostalgia may pull back.  The driving piano, accented with the horn section and guitar, sets up the dynamic range of the EP, from heavy rock to impassioned improvisation.  Over the next 5 songs, LFTCS develops from the screaming rock of Bad Guys Have Bad Days Too, through the light hearted fun of Glowing Girl, to the meticulously crafted love story of The Barista, and finally arrives at the explosive anthem of friendship and relationships, Character Witness.  With exciting musical moments packed throughout the EP, Live! From The Citgo Sign is a young, heartfelt, and exciting journey from start to finish. 

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