George Woods

George Woods is a Hipster Romantic Indie Songwriter and Singer.

  • Date: 08/11/2017 12:00 PM
  • Location: EcoSoule Stage


Described by The Deli Magazine as “ruggedly pretty… soulfully singing out pain,” George Woods is The Hipster Romantic. A Boston-based indie singer-songwriter, Woods writes fiery, infectious autobiographical music and brings contagious optimism and humor to his shows. Woods, with an "uncanny knack for allowing his songs to tap into raw human emotion” (Vanyaland), combines "tasty and classy guitar work," and "a voice... like pure velvet" (Red Line Roots). Every performance offers an electric yet intimate show that is as dynamic as a solo act can be.

A staple force in Boston's music scene for nearly a decade, Woods is currently planning an extended tour in May 2017 alongside That One Eyed Kid to support his upcoming album, I Am. In 2012, his first studio release Heartbeat saw placements in international advertising, and with the help of choreographer Jennifer Crowell-Kuhnberg, was transformed into "Heartbeat: A Modern Dance Rock Concert," a mixed media theatrical production.


"My soul is a songbird who's trapped in a cage,
and every word from my lips is it trying to escape."

“I Am”, my upcoming full length album, is a thoughtful exploration of identity. These songs describe the search for meaning, the turbulence of my parents’ divorce, and how to find yourself in the world. These things - some difficult, some beautiful, and some painful - shaped us permanently. All people struggle with darkness, but your demons don’t have to keep you isolated or silent. In “I Am,” I say we can own these difficult experiences and propose that we would be incomplete without them. Simply put, the message is to embrace who you are. Give all parts of yourself a voice. You are beautiful.

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