“I have never heard an act as refreshingly vulnerable as Jakals,” explains Hailey Magee of Talisman Music Group. “Their music is brutally, searingly honest. It strips away illusion and facade until all you're left with is the raw poetry of their lyrics and the deep, rhythmic pulse of their accompaniments. Jakals' music gives audiences the gift of being fully present as they dive headfirst into the challenging emotional landscape that has been gracefully constructed for them. If you're searching for a meaningful musical experience, look no further than Jakals.”

  • Date: 08/13/2017 12:35 PM
  • Location: EcoSoule Stage


Jakals began with Katie Solomon and Jack Lewis. They met and started writing together in the summer of 2013. Throughout their junior and senior years of college, they spent much of their time making music in the privacy of their dorms and released their first full-length album, Quiet Pleas, under the name Jack & Katie at the end of their senior year. They moved to Boston and began performing in February 2016 but quickly realized that their songs required a much bigger sound. Two of their roommates and closest friends, Zach Wulderk and Teryn Citino, joined the band in December 2016, along with Small City Mayor's Bredon Jones, who they knew from the Boston music scene. They officially changed their name to Jakals at the end of 2016. 

 Jakals have become a pillar of the Boston music scene, captivating audiences at favorite local spots like The Burren, The Middle East and Thunder Road. Jakals' evocative performances are honest and fearless, engaging with the challenging emotions that make people feel isolated in the modern age. Using music as an all-encompassing language for conveying the pain and disconnection that accompanies daily life, Jakals free audiences by allowing them the space to connect with the feelings that makes them human.

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