Boston-based artists Rose Kanj and Louis Apollon come together to create a soulful and playful sound over acoustic arrangements of some of their favorite tunes and originals in their duo, LuRose.

  • Date: 08/11/2017 04:05 PM
  • Location: EcoSoule Stage


Drawing from influences in Soul, Folk, Jazz, and Pop, LuRose brings to the stage a unique singer-songwriting style full of exciting rhythms and beautiful harmonies with a genuineness that gives audiences heartfelt and uplifting experiences. Whether it be performing songs that are just plain fun, or songs that are more somber and deep, their connection to each other and the music extends to the audience as they are brought in to LuRose’s intimate world.

 Their music brings together two distinct musicalities from two very talented performers. Rose Kanj is singer-songwriter and actress who has the power in her voice that simply takes your breath away, but also sings with a sweetness that can easily melt your heart. She is someone you could listen to all day long. Her original songs are instantly relatable and her dynamic stage presence draws audiences in to where they feel they are part of the story whether she performs songs simply about being in love or songs calling out social injustice. Louis Apollon is a jazz-folk singer-songwriter whose songs celebrate human imperfection that combines an uplifting musicality with a soothing, yet energizing vibe. His unique finger-style guitar playing provides the foundation for the group and the sweet timbre in his voice blends so effortlessly with Rose’s. Together they bring a meaningful, inspirational, and incredibly positive experience to the stage.

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