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The Water Front

The Dirty Truth About Coal

Red Gold

Blue Gold: World Water Wars

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BostonGreenFilmFest 2013 Schedule

12:00 pm The Sky is Pink
1:00 pm The Water Front
2:30 pm The Dirty Truth About Coal
3:35 pm Red Gold
5:00 pm Blue Gold: World Water Wars

11:00 am Red Gold
12:30 pm Blue Gold: World Water Wars
2:30 pm The Dirty Truth About Coal
3:35 pm The Sky is Pink
4:15 pm The Water Front

The Water Front (53 min) tells the story of residents in Highland Park, Michigan and their battle against the privatization of water. In order to avoid financial collapse in the city, the city's Emergency Financial Manager raised water rates and implemented a strict bill collection system, resulting in residents water bills to amount to $10,000. According to Liz Miller, the director of the film, "Water Front is not just about water, but touches on the very essence of our democratic system."

The Dirty Truth About Coal (30 min) delves into the effects of emissions from coal-fired power plants on public health. Alexia Prichard's film focuses on how everyone in the United States is affected by coal-fired power plants and not just those in the plant's immediate vicinity. The film seeks to expose the human cost of coal and provoke viewers to think twice about how their electricity is being generated.

Red Gold (54 min) depicts the fight for survival of an Alaskan region, Bristol Bay, as two mining companies threaten to destroy the salmon populations in the Kvichak and Nushagak rivers and the communities that depend on them.

Blue Gold: World Water Wars (90 min) examines the growing battle over control of the global water supply. The film examines how major corporations and financial institutions are buying up territories where large water supplies can be found, the fight to protect the Great Lakes, allegations that one of the world's most powerful political families is attempting to corner the market on water in Paraguay, and what ordinary citizens can do to keep the water supply free and shared fairly by all. The film poses a crucial question: is water a commodity or a human right?

The Sky is Pink (18 min) is an emergency short film from Josh Fox, the Oscar-nominated director of Gasland, that addresses the controversy of fracking in New York State. Fracking has serious health implications as the water injected into the ground for drilling is laden with chemicals that may eventually seep into our groundwater, threatening our drinking water and our health.

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