• 08/11/2017 05:55 PM
  • Main Stage

In 10 years Stormcellar, a rock band unlike any other, performed more than 457 (and counting) shows, released 8 albums and toured the US 4 times. This sheer work load and output level have marked Stormcellar as one of Australia's most prolific and successful modern songwriting bands.

Stormcellar's favourite Quote from US 2016 tour:

'Met you at a gas station in Indiana, I was on my bike with a bunch of my brothers.  You handed out CD's and I was kinda skeptical but took it anyway.  You guys ----ing rock and now I cant get the music out of my head.  I am excited to see you will be in my neighborhood in the next couple of weeks at a local bar.  I will see you there, cd was awesome, thank you and see you soon.  I'll try to bring as many as I can to support you.' Jackyl, Rider of Undisclosed Affiliation.

Here's a VIDEO while you're waiting to see them at Boston GreenFest!