100th Grease Monkey

See the 100th Grease Monkey solar-powered Flowtration station at work at Boston City Hall Plaza, collecting the cooking oil from the restaurants on site and converting it to fuel. (Scroll down to learn more!)

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Story Behind the 100th Grease Monkey

The 100th Grease Monkey produces decentralized, economical, emission reduced, carbon neutral fuel (Waste Vegetable Oil; WVO or Straight Vegetable Oil; SVO) to be conveniently sold behind food establishments and used in rural areas worldwide while providing the first market incentive for the reduction of hydrogenated oil in our food supply and employing US Veterans in assembling, deploying, and servicing the automated VO refining/retail stations.

The name of the company originates on the Island of Koshima, Japan in 1952.   Here, scientists observed macaques placing sweet potatoes in the sand. The macaques liked the taste of the sweet potatoes, but not the sand. They began washing the sweet potatoes; & the practice grew through observation & repetition. Once the so-called “100th Monkey” was washing the sweet potatoes, all the monkeys, even ones on neighboring islands, were doing so. 100th Grease Monkey applies the 100th Monkey “collective consciousness” concept to collecting vegetable oil (VO) as fuel ("grease" has been a moniker for waste cooking oil, perhaps prior to general knowledge of its true potential, and we like the name). Through the distribution & service of our proprietary point-source processing VO fueling stations complete with credit/debit fuel pump at commissaries, factories, farms & restaurants, we aim to make it easier for any driver with a VO converted Diesel vehicle to fuel up on renewable, carbon-neutral, emission-reduced, economical, inherently decentralized & hereby standardized true VO diesel fuel.

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