Bees and Thank You

Bees And Thank You is a 501(c)(3)-pending nonprofit striving to end deforestation and prevent the extinction of global honeybee species. To accomplish this, they fundraise by cooking up lots of grilled cheese sandwiches! (Scroll down to learn more!)

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We at Bees And Thank You aspire to create a global community that is aware of the impacts our consumption oriented culture has on this planet. By educating the public about deforestation and the loss of global honeybee populations, Bees and Thank You hopes to motivate others to carry out environmentally friendly practices that will lead to a world where all organisms can coexist harmoniously.  To make money for this wonderful endeavor, Bees and Thank You will be grilling up some sandwiches at Boston GreenFest:

The Old Fashioned, An instant classic with a strong serving of American Cheese. $5
The Fire, A Spicy and Flavorful mix of Buffalo Wing Cheddar and American Cheese.  $5
The Sweet, A Delicious and Succulent blend of Gouda and Swiss Cheeses.  $5
The Vegan, A Savory and healthy alternative, blending shredded Daiya and follow your heard Mozzarella Vegan Cheeses. $5

All of our sandwiches are served with a choice of Wildflower or Blueberry Honey.
Add Bacon or Ham. $2.
Tomato soup $3
We also serve Breakfast sandwiches. $8.

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