Mallakhamb Federation USA

Mallakhamb is a unique form of exercise that is practiced against gravity – vertically upwards. This sport gives maximum exercises for maximum muscles in minimum period of time and is combination of Yoga, Gymnastics, and Martial Arts.

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History of Mallakhamb

It all started in the 18th century, when the Asian countries were going through a tremendous change and were being attacked continuously from West and North. The Western and the Northern soldiers’ were way bigger than the Asians. Two kingdoms posed each other the fierce challenge, and that translated into war a situation. The Western kingdom decided to pursue a different plan – where they were confident to be successful. The challenge was a wrestling competition between each of their soldiers. The Asian soldiers were all considerably petite. This was a big challenge but if they won, they could avoid the loss of human lives and moreover their empire. The Asian King accepted challenge but decided on a date 3 months later for the competition. One of the Asian soldiers who was a wrestler started practicing various human hand and leg knots around his body. He practiced on a piece of a wooden pole. On the day of the challenge, the Asian wrestler won the match. This had avoided a lot of bloodshed. This wooden pole then transformed in the form of full fitness exercise and was adopted as a training mechanism in most of the Asian kingdoms. This is where the sport got its name, “Malla” meaning Wrestler and “Khamb” meaning Pole – The Wrestlers Pole. This sport since its inception has been promoting world peace along with health and wellness to mankind. The current form of Mallakhamb as a sport was acquired in the 19th century – where it was extended as a full sport.

  • Mallakhamb Federation of USA was started in August 2013 with the objective to popularize this unique sport in the USA.
  • The Federation plans to create a systematic framework to create centers for teaching this sport through creation of code of conduct, code of points, and conducting competitions.
  • Our mission for 2020 is to start at least one center for this sport in each state of the USA.
  • In line with that roadmap our strategy for FY 2015-2016 is to start assembling coaches and early adopters to this sport in the USA & Also get few endorsements, and conduct performances in front of large multi-cultural audiences.
  • We are well positioned to perform this art / sports multiple times globally.

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