This film shows a traditional fishing community on Kenya’s coast that declared a no-fishing zone in an effort to halt the total destruction of their marine resources (through overfishing and the international aquarium trade).

  • Date: 08/16/2019 12:00 PM
  • Location: Hennessy's Upstairs, 25 Union Street, Boston, MA 02108 (Map)


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This film was produced by the African Environmental Film Foundation.

Editorial Review on Amazon about the Film:

Kuruwitu:  Between a Rock and a Hard Place shows a traditional fishing community on Kenya's Kuruwitu-Vipingo coast, north of the port city of Mombasa, that declared a no-fishing zone along their stretch of coastline in an effort to bolster fish numbers through providing safe breeding grounds and create opportunities for marine and beach tourism in their area. Following their progress over a period of two years, we see a remarkable revival of the coral reefs, positive results for the local fishermen fishing in waters near the no-take zone, and other communities from along the coast coming to learn how they can do the same in their area. A remarkable story of a community coming together to make a difference and showing how natural environments can recover, given the necessary protection, and subsequently how these areas can benefit people too.  


Key issues discussed in this film include:

  1. Marine Ecosystems (coral reefs, fish breeding grounds, threats to the ecosystem)

  2. Over-fishing

  3. Aquarium trade

  4. Positive effects for fishermen of creating no-fishing zones

  5. Sustainable marine tourism industry as an alternative livelihood option for coastal communities

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