New England Center and Home for Veterans

New England Center and Home for Veterans

A service and care provider for former military service men and women, the NECHV offers a broad array of programs and services that enable success, reintegration, meaningful employment and independent living.

New England Center and Home for Veterans (NECHV) is a national leader in housing and serving Veterans who are at-risk of homelessness. Located in Downtown Boston and offering services throughout the region, NECHV supports Veterans with innovative services that enable success, meaningful employment, and dignified independent living.

NECHV serves over 350 Veterans each day in their home communities.

The downtown Boston facility contains 60 affordable apartments, a distinct and separate 24 bed female Veterans transitional dormitory, and over 185 transitional and emergency beds.

250 Veterans reside at NECHV each night.

Each year, NECHV serves over 100,000 resident meals.

450 Veterans complete NECHV training programs each year.

More than 400 Veterans find permanent homes through NECHV each year.

Current NECHV Veteran programs include Education, Clinical Support, Employment and Housing.

We are open 24/7 every day of the year, serving Veterans.

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