Sustainable Business Network

The Sustainable Business Network (SBN) engages business and community leaders in building economies that are local, green & fair.

Our Vision:

SBN was founded in 1988 as the nation’s first business trade association with a mission of making business a vehicle for social, environmental, and economic change. Since then, SBN and our allies have raised the bar for what’s expected from the business community. During this time, we’ve witnessed the immense potential that local entrepreneurs have for doing good.

SBN envisions a resilient world economy composed of thousands of inter-connected local economies that benefit the lives of all people and all living things. SBN endeavors to build a successful model in Massachusetts and New England that inspires others to join with SBN in growing the sustainable economy movement.

Successful local entrepreneurs are influential thought-leaders and the primary job creators. When acting together, visionary and values-driven business leaders can have an extraordinary influence on our communities and local economies. By building a movement of small and mid-sized businesses and allies who share our mission to grow an economy that is local, green, and fair, we’re creating a vibrant, caring community and a sustainable future.

We do this by:

• Supporting the long-term growth of thousands of small and mid-sized local and independent businesses.

• Building the sustainable economy movement led by diverse business and community leaders and creating a network of allied organizations.

• Championing initiatives and business practices that mitigate climate change.

• Working to transform the local food system so that by the year 2060, 50% of all food eaten by New Englanders is sourced from New England.

• Advocating for public policy and legislation that positively impacts the growth of a strong, sustainable economy.

• Promoting a heart-centered and healthy culture that is grounded in our core values of love, collaboration, and compassion.

Boston Local Food Festival  is organized by SBN (along with many other events throughout the year).

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