Eco Fashion Show

Eco Fashion Show
EcoFashion Show Organized by the House of Nahdra

We are proud to showcase a number of local designers who represent a broad spectrum of approaches to EcoFashion.  EcoFashion is important not only for saving resources and reducing waste, but for the unique and innovative aspects it brings to the fashion world.  Be "wowed" at the EcoFashion Show on Sunday, August 5th at 3:00 pm on the Main Stage.

Meet three of our designers:
Nahdra of The House of Nahdra |  Nathalia JMag, Recent finalist on Project Runway | Mela of Mela Amorosa Fashions.

 IMG_2536.jpg Nathalia JMag.JPG Mela Miles 691x917.jpg

 Also, this year we will be showing how one quality fashion item can go a long way - no need to be lots of clothes, but find ones that can be "dressed up" and "dressed down."  The piece is called "11 Black Dresses."  Come to the show to see how the dresses are restyled!