EcoFashion 2020

Why EcoFashion? There is an overabundance of clothes and textiles in the world today. The fashion industry uses enormous amounts of water, energy, green space and chemicals. Whatever we can do to reduce the burden on our planet, the better it will be for #PeoplePlanetProgress. Meet Our Designers:

Aiste Zitnikaite


Angie Brutus

Angie's Pavilion

Consuelo Perez

Trash to Treasure

Juan Pablo Martinez

Juan Pablo Martinez Eco Fashion

Keisha Greaves

Girls Chronically Rock

Mela Miles

Mela Amoroso Designs

María Ángeles Hernández

Maya Diseño Moda/Reciclaje

Nathalia JMag

Nathalia JMag

Nillton Rodrigues

Nillton Rodrigues Atelier

Queen Allotey-Pappoe

Queen Adeline's Collection

Reginald Merome

Chevalier Homme

Valery Zevallos