EcoFashion Show

EcoFashion Show 2019

We are proud to showcase a number of local and regional designers who represent a broad spectrum of approaches to EcoFashion. EcoFashion is important not only for saving resources and reducing waste, but for the unique and innovative aspects it brings to the fashion world. Be "wowed" at the EcoFashion Show on Saturday, August 17, 2019 from 5-6 pm on the Boston GreenFest Stage in Christopher Columbus Park. Joining us is TV reporter, Katie Thompson, from WCVB Channel 5 to present narrate our show.

Meet our designers:
Consuelo Perez | Nillton Rodrigues | Janaya Josephs - Nyala Blue | Queen Allotey-Pappoe - Queen Adeline Collection | Keisha Greaves - Girls Chronically Rock
Mela - Mela Amorosa Fashion | Aiste Zitnikaite - DEVINTO | Angie Brutus - Angie's Pavilion | Rose Orelup - | Reginald Merome - Chevalier Homme

Mela Miles 691x917.jpg

Meet our EcoFashion Show Emcee, Katie Thompson of WCVB Channel 5:

Meet our EcoFashion Show Director, Karishma Javheri: