(Photo by Olga Chernyatyeva)

The EcoKids Center is filled with interactive exhibits, robots, music, art, pony rides, fitness, and games and lots of STEM projects!  
After scrolling down this page, see who is coming to the EcoKids Center this year by clicking HERE and choosing EcoKids from the filter.

pony2014.jpg  BGF 2014 Inflatable klw.jpg

BGF kids bokeh.jpg   RobotNAO.jpg

BGF2014 Girl and Globe.jpg  Origami BGF 2014.jpg  

   Photos:  Top row - Mallakhamb Yoga | 2nd row - Pony rides and inflatables | 3rd row - (L) Courtesy of Bokeh Photography  (R) Courtesy of Lazarusworks