ADC Jewelry Designs

ADC Jewelry Designs

The purchase of ADC's exquisite jewelry directly benefits the poorest of the poor street children in Kolkata, India.

ADC Jewelry Designs was set up in 2011 by Archita Roy, a corporate executive who morphed into a social entrepreneur.  ADC stands for Ananda Dhara Creations which is all about finding an unending flow (Dhara) of joy, happiness and bliss (Ananda) through these unique and exquisite jewelry creations. With each purchase of one of these jewelry pieces, you will not only be making a statement but celebrating the lives of hundreds of children who are desperately in need of help and support.  The jewelry is made from upcycled and vintage pieces.

After spending 20+ years in Corporate America and retiring as the Director of Strategic Planning for Sprint Telecommunications  (a Fortune 100 company),  Archita decided to take her hobby of designing and creating jewelry and turning it into a passion to help impoverished children in the villages and slums of India. 100% of the net sale proceeds of her uniquely designed jewelry are donated directly to the schools that take hundreds of children off the streets.

Archita works directly with three schools/organization: The Hope Kolkata Foundation, Taracharan School and Ma Sharanam School in India. All three institutions work as instruments of change in the face of extreme poverty. These schools provide free food, clothing, holistic education, health care, spiritual guidance and recreation. Each child is saved from a horrendous future begging, rag picking, malnutrition, illiteracy, serious illness, premature death and brutal sex trade.

The Hope Foundation of Kolkata, India, HKF, has been doing an incredible job since 1999 providing shelter, food, education, healthcare and holistic childcare to both boys and girls of all ages. Hope strives to help the thousands of disadvantaged and vulnerable street children who are forced to live in some of the world’s most deplorable living conditions, often denied the most basic necessities of life.

Archita’s focus is to raise funds to build a bigger and better facility/home for 80+ adolescent girls 13-18 years of age who are orphaned, abandoned or at high-risk. This Home will provide a holistic and integrative approach to all aspects of childcare covering shelter, health and nutrition and educational development.

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