Nuggie Fresh

Nuggie Fresh

Nuggie Fresh is your one stop shop for natural odor and freshness control.

We deal with enough pollution and chemicals when we are out and about.  Let's take control of how we maintain our personal freshness.

Nuggie Fresh offers:

Nuggie Fresh Candles are made with 100% Pure Essential Oils which are completely plant based and entirely natural instead of fragrance oils which are comprised of a mixture of animal, plant, and synthetic blends.  When you burn candles with essential oils, you are getting the same great medicinal benefits that come from the plant.

Nuggie Fresh Air Purifier Spray is a great way to eliminate odors caused by smoke or any other malodors.  Air Purifier spray neutralizes and eliminates odor without masking the smell.  The spray is non-toxic, biodegradable, and non-allergenic.  Use it in your car, room, or on clothing.  It is safe on fabrics and skin. 

Nuggie Fresh Multi-Purpose Wipes -  all natural non-alcohol wipes will help keep you fresh and at the same time your glass/accessories clean. 

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