Foundation for a Green Future

Build awareness about nature's importance in our lives and urban space.

The Foundation for a Green Future  is a multicultural 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing opportunities to neighborhoods and communities to build an environmentally-friendly world by bringing nature into our urban spaces and our lives.

 Throughout the year, the Foundation runs a series of educational programs focused on greening our urban spaces through the arts, film, forums/speakers, festivals, gardening, and green infrastructure. We promote sustainable business practices, recycling, composting, and water solutions. Foundation for a Green Future works with local schools, community centers, senior groups and neighborhood organizations to educate young and old about the many dimensions of being green.

Boston GreenFest is the signature annual event of the Foundation.  The Foundation is currently creating a Green Learnng Center where young and old can learn/explore/experience nature first-hand.

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