World Hemp Alliance

Goal to scale the industrial hemp industry as a collective.

The World Hemp Alliance is bringing the top minds and companies together to help scale the industrial hemp industry as a collective. Each member will commit their combined resources to help build regional multi stakeholder cooperatives.

Share experience, networks and resources to build Regional Regenerative Coops for Processing and Manufacturing Hemp

Help build new financial tools and raise capital for the collective via international bonds, cryptocurrency/alternative banking, Opportunity Zones, Loans, Debt, Grants, Donations and Equity Support and drive Education of law enforcement, legislators and public citizens.

Build WHA Hemp Material Science Incubator to help spark community driven innovation, drive investment, increase jobs and develop next generation, regenerative solutions.

Create Sales Channels for member products, goods and services. List capital needs for each member organization, technology, equipment, products, media, marketing etc.

Raise capital for regional regenerative hemp hubs Cross collaborate to cross promote products, services, technologies and resources Host Initial Launch Event in Puerto Rico on 4/19 - 4/20 - 4/21 Hemp Crowdfunding Equity Incubator TV/Internet Show Hold a scheduled to keep everyone on the movement

Sales Channels - Distribution & Ecommerce
Marketing and Media verticals
Access to industry experts, advisers, mentors, companies Equity and Revenue sharing for all members
Financing tools, Capital Raising, Investor Network, Banking, Access to Various IP, Patents, Technologies and Data
Access to Digital tools including blockchain impact verification tracking

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