Yommi Healthy Frozen Treats

Yommi Healthy Frozen Treats

Gourmet Superfood Popsicles handmade on Martha's Vineyard using fresh, local and delicious ingredients!


Popsicle flavors: 

Strawberry Basil Cream:  organic strawberries, coconut milk, fresh Martha's Vineyard basil, banana, vanilla, Martha's Vineyard sea salt, and local honey

Golden Good:  tumeric, fresh ginger, coconut milk, local honey, fresh lemon, black pepper

Blueberry "Cheesecake":  fresh blueberries, coco milk, cashews, fresh lemon, vanilla, local honey, cardamom, Martha's Vineyard sea salt

Mint Chocolate Chip:  fresh mint, coco milk, raw honey, cashews, cacao nibs, Martha's Vineyard sea salt, coconut milk, spinach

Mexican Chocolate:  raw cacao, coconut milk, raw honey,, Martha's Vineyard sea salt, lime juice & zest, cayenne

Cool Cuke:  fresh cucumber, coconut milk, coconut water, lime juice, fresh raspberry

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