Annawon Weeden

We are grateful to Annawon for joining us to perform the Closing Ceremony of the 10th Annual Boston GreenFest. Born and raised in the tribal community of Charlestown, Rhode Island among relatives of both Narragansett/Pequot lineage through his father, Annawon Weeden now resides in his mother’s Wampanoag community located in Mashpee, MA.

  • Date: 08/13/2017 05:15 PM
  • Location: Metro Main Stage (Map)


Here are some of Annawon's favorite quotes:

"They use the term revisionist, I'm not a revisionist, I'm a realist who speaks the truth. The truth is what was revised to allow Patriotism because if they taught the truth, nobody would respect that flag" - Tall Oak aka my Dad addressing Bridgewater State College students

"if I tease you, humiliate you, pick on ya & call you names, that means I love ya'. If I ignore you & pretend you don't exist, that's because you don't exist & I can't stand ya" - Mother Bear (Bear Clan Mother & Mashpee Elder) @ Wampanoag Unity Gathering

"It's an honor to be a Mashpee Wampanoag."