Nepali Guru Deen Bandhu Pokhrel

Din Bandhu Pokhrel is an influential spiritual speaker from Nepal and is well known for his outstanding social contribution and philanthropic works.

  • Date: 08/13/2017 01:15 PM
  • Location: Metro Main Stage (Map)


In a few years' time Deen Bandhu has earned fame across the nation of Nepal and is regarded as one the most popular and influential spiritual figure for Nepalis around the world. Like his father he has been reciting the Bhagwat Mahapuraan in different parts of Nepal and now abroad too. In last two years alone, he collected more than 2 billion Nepali Rupees as donation from these events (Purans). The money has been used for developmental projects like building schools, roads, water supply in various remote areas of Nepal.

“I am advocating for revitalization of Eastern philosophy via spiritual awareness among youths and I believe we can achieve it”, says Deen Bandhu when he was asked about the effect of modernization on youths and their belief in spirituality.