Anissa Essaibi George
Candidate, Mayor of Boston

Speaking at Boston GreenFest, Friday, August 20 at 4:55 pm - Main Stage by Rings Fountain on Rose Kennedy Greenway


Boston is my home. I have deep roots here. A connection that drives me to work harder and deliver more for the city I love.

That’s why I’m running for Mayor of Boston.

As your City Councilor At-Large, I see it, hear it, feel it every day. From Dorchester to Charlestown, Brighton to Mattapan to East Boston and everywhere in between, I hear your voices, your stories, your struggles.

And then I do something. I find a path forward. I work to make it better. 

Because it’s that work, the actions that we take, that make our city better–that provide the opportunity for our hopes and dreams to become reality.

I will do that work as your Mayor because you deserve nothing less.

Boston is an incredible place to call home. A city of scrappy, hard working people. I know there’s nothing we can’t accomplish together. I love this city with every fiber of my being, but there’s so much work to be done.

I believe in a Boston that sees the inequity, the everyday injustices, the wrongs and tackles them head on. 

I believe in a Boston that lifts up every neighborhood and embraces all who call it home. A strong city government comes with a mayor that listens and learns on the ground, shows up and gets in the trenches. 

Real change, real progress happens when we come together. When we seek to better understand each other. Nothing is off the table, when we ensure everyone is at the table. 

I believe in a Boston that doesn’t settle. That isn’t okay with the status quo. That doesn’t accept that only some are thriving out of many. 

A city that wants growth AND inclusivity. Justice AND safety. Wealth AND equity. 

These things are not mutually exclusive. Boston can do this. 

Boston deserves a City Hall that takes action and always moves forward. We ask more of ourselves, we push ourselves for better. Because we can always do and be better. 

Let’s do the hard work together,