Big Head Data

Big Head Data

At Big Head Data we show you exactly how your consumers are interacting with your marketing messages, which will help you make better informed decisions that ultimately will increase sales and market presence.


Engage Today's Prosumer

Consumers today have integrated technology into their everyday lives and have developed a need for instant gratification. We can no longer call these people consumers they have evolved into smart and Social prosumers.

Identify Prosumer Behavior

  • Businesses must adopt a new strategy that identifies these new behaviors in order to effectively reach those prosumers at every step of their purchasing journey
  • Once we know how your customers are interacting with your marketing messages we are then able to effectively tailor your future messages in the medium in which they are seen
  • Our platform integrates the best marketing practices and mediums for the Prosumer Age


Our technology is ahead of the curve. We know that data is the life force behind a successful business. That's why our platform easily integrates with a business' DMS data and CRM. Our analysts collect data from a variety of DMS groups to devise a perfectly tailored marketing strategy that’s most effective for your business.

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