Eman Khalid
Public Relations Associate

Eman Khalid is a writer, journalist, storyteller, researcher, political writer, and media professional. Her writings mostly focus on female rights, poverty issues, mental health issues, violence, drug abuse, and also spirituality. She aspires to make a difference in the world through her love for weaving words. Her writings have been published on various educational, literary, and informational platforms. Eman’s leadership skills led her to become a brand ambassador for Womenpreneur-Initiative, a platform aimed at empowering women in the MENA region. Eman is a contributing writer to the Women’s Republic Magazine, the Walled City Journal, Women in Technology (WITI), MOOCTORS, Soulivity Magazine, the LATEST, BlackIvy Media, True Urban Culture Magazine, Enspire Magazine, Fashion360 Magazine, Luxe Kurves Magazine, and more. Other than that, she has also been a co-author of various international literary anthologies. Eman Khalid is an English Language and Literature student with a profound passion for learning. When she is not writing, you will find her reading history books, listening to songs, stargazing, taking long walks at the beach, and capturing the beauty of nature through her camera lens. Connect with Eman on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/emankhalidwriter/