Michael Bezdek
Director of Conscious Leadership

Michael Bezdek is the co-founder of Conscious Coalition and serves in the role of Executive Director. He is dedicated to human flourishing and creating a better world full of possibility and hope. Michael is also a serial entrepreneur, investor,  veteran business manager and senior executive who has served in the top ranks of major corporations. He is experienced in investment banking, mergers and acquisitions, mezzanine financing, venture capital and private equity. He spent a decade on Wall Street managing individual and institutional investment portfolios exceeding 1 billion in assets. He is also the managing partner and co-founder of both Conscious Capital Group and Sandia Energy Group. His past roles included SVP of Investment Banking at National Securities Corp and EVP institutional wealth manager over private individual and institutional investments for RBC / Dain Rauscher’s Private Client Group. 

Michael holds a BBS in Finance from the University of Southern California and has been educated at Cornell University in Conflict Resolution and VUCA, and numerous executive certifications. He is a board member of Conscious Capitalism Foundation, is a certified trainer with Arbinger Institute, and a trainer and coach in the leadership program offered by Landmark Worldwide Education.