Annie Goeke

Annie Goeke
Co-Founder, Earth Rights Institute

Anne de la Bouillerie (known as Annie Goeke) has over 30 years of leadership and experience in providing programs and education worldwide that promote, create, and teach sustainability and community-based models for development to address issues such as climate change, poverty, environmental degradation, economic injustice and more.  As a former political leader and peace activist, she helped develop strong ties among Green leaders worldwide and co-founded GPUS, the Global Greens Coordination Network, Federation of Green Parties of the Americas and Africa.  Her political work included the development of policies and international initiatives that support sustainability. 

Her experience, skills, goodwill, and dedication are globally recognized, and the well-known PR firm Brown Lloyd James promotes her as a leader in innovative thinking.  Today, she continues to run her organization that she co-founded in 2001, Earth Rights Institute (ERI).  Many of ERI programs are designed to engage the academics, government, local leaders, businesses and international developing partners to participate collectively as stakeholders in creating the best strategic comprehensive development plans.  Their main project for 2020 has been launching their “ERI West Africa Climate Change Initiative”, the first African designed Ecocity ready for implementation in Cote d’Ivoire. 

Working locally, she is an elected Board Member for the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce and Co-Chair’s Organization of Women Leaders.  For Annie, ‘collaboration’ is the key towards success and she is committed to do what it takes to strengthen the culture of peace movement.

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