Jatin Chaurasia

Jatin Chaurasia
Managing Director, Sumeru Ventures

Jatin Chaurasia is managing director of Sumeru Ventures, a next-generation global technology fund with a mandate of investing in disruptive ideas and bold enterprises that intersect technology with positive social impact.

Jatin is an experienced entrepreneur with expertise in digital transformation of global organizations. He has spent 20+ years of his professional career building and growing socially conscious businesses of an international scale.

 In his roles as president and board member for Sumeru Inc, a digital transformation and technology consulting company, and global CEO for Art of Living Digital, the global IT vertical for the Art of Living Foundation, Jatin’s broad vision and penchant for big ideas, empowered his teams to build a digital ecosystem of 200+ organizations in 156 countries, impacting 450 million people across the globe.

Jatin holds a Masters in Engineering Management from the University of Missouri-Rolla, and a BE in Mechanical Engineering from the Bhilai Institute of Technology.

With his core skills of technological innovation and strategic team building, Jatin has enabled diverse global teams to execute high-impact, sustainable operations that deliver technology-driven solutions around the world.

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