Karen Weber-Salamanca
Executive Director, Boston GreenFest

Dr. Karen Weber-Salamanca is the Executive Director of Foundation for a Green Future and its annual signature event, Boston GreenFest.  She has a vision: she imagines a world in which plants cover our cities in the form of green roofs, living walls, urban farms and gardens across our urban space. This world abounds with beauty, sustainable design, amazing art, smart technology and reflects the responsible use of all materials. In this world, we have found forgiveness within ourselves and toward each other; we hold equal respect for humanity and all life and we are constantly grateful for the miracles we encounter in our lives.

Boston GreenFest reflects this vision in uniting those of all backgrounds who share the same passion and optimism for the planet. With the help of a diverse team of international professionals and students, Dr. Weber-Salamanca hopes to raise awareness, spread information and develop more sustainable job for the future.

Dr. Karen Weber-Salamanca has a doctorate in Law, Policy and Society from Northeastern University, and is LEED AP. Her academic specialty is in maritime fisheries management and international law of the sea. She has worked several years as a fellow in the Oceanographic Research Center of Abidjan (CRO) and at the Ivoirian Center for Economic and Social Research (CIRES). 

Dr. Weber-Salamanca has served on the planning committees of NESEA (Northeast Sustainable Energy Association), GreenBuild, altWheels and has been recognized for her work with awards from NEWIEE (New England Women in Energy and Environment), the City of Boston, and Green Schools. In May 2012, Dr. Weber was a guest at the White House for the EPA's program on Environmental Education.

Years of study and travel have taken Dr. Weber across five continents. Dr. Weber consulted for and assisted with two world green roof conferences, one in Shanghai, China in May 2010, and one in Indore City, India in November 2011. She speaks several languages, including French and Spanish. During her years of fieldwork, she worked with many communities across Côte d'Ivoire in West Africa.

Married to her wonderful and very supportive husband, Edwin, Dr. Weber-Salamanca is the mother of four terrific children (three are triplets).  A tribute to Dr. Weber-Salamanca can be found in Real Leaders magazine: