Naomi Davis

Naomi Davis
President and Founder, Blacks in Green

President and founder of BIG:  Blacks in Green based in Woodlawn, IL (Chicago), Naomi Davis is a force to be reckoned with.  She does not see problems, she sees solutions. 

For example, BIG's mission is to address the chronic proliferation of blight and poverty in the black community through the development of whole-system solutions that drive education and economic empowerment, reduce pollution and improve quality of life. To support its mission, BIG produces a wide range of successful education and training programs, publishes articles, research-based advocacy campaigns, large-scale community engagement events, fundraising/sponsorship initiatives, and policy adoption strategies and everything GREEN.

Her authored works include: The 8 Principles of Green-Village Building: Chicago's Healthy Land Use Plan; The 12 Propositions of Grannynomics; and 5 Things Every Black Person Should Know About Sustainable Communities & The New Green Economy. 

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