About Youth BCMA

The Boston Chinese Musicians Association Youth Orchestra (BCMA Youth Orchestra) is a non-profit performing arts organization that was founded in January 2019. It is an extension of the Boston Chinese Musicians Association (BCMA), and is dedicated to promoting Chinese culture through traditional Chinese instruments and vocals. The group is composed of middle and high school students, and the orchestra is made up of both Chinese and Western musical instruments.

The BCMA Youth Orchestra mainly plays traditional scores, which are often edited or recomposed by professional Chinese musicians and composers. The orchestra aims to improve the performance level of young musicians, encourage Chinese American teens to get in touch with their culture, and bring traditional Chinese music to all of the different communities in the Greater Boston area.

Our orchestra is made up of both Chinese and Western musical instruments, consisting of:

Western Musical Instrument:

1. 弦乐(大提琴、倍大提琴、小提琴、中提琴)string ( cello, double bass, violin, viola)

2. 木管乐(长笛,单簧管、双簧管、萨克斯风(直管)、键盘(电子琴)Woodwind (flute, clarinet, oboe, saxophone (straight pipe)、keyboard

3. 铜管乐器(小号、圆号、长号)Brass instruments (small, horn, trombone)

Chinese folk instrument
1. 管乐(笛子、巴乌、葫芦丝、笙、唢呐)Wind instruments (flute, bawu, cucurbit, Sheng, SuoNa)
2. 拉弦 (二胡,中胡,板胡、高胡、京胡)Pull string (Erhu, Zhonghu, Banhu, Gaohu, Jinghu
3. 弹拨 (琵琶,阮,扬琴,古筝,柳琴)Pluck (PiPa, Ruan, dulcimer, guzheng, LiuQin)

1. 鼓、木鱼、碰铃、铃鼓、小钗、梆子、京板,沙鎚 Drums, MuYu, touch bells, tambourines, XiaoCha, BangZi, Beijing, sand hammer

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