Boston Rhythmic has been training thousands of children in the Boston Area since 2002 in the beautiful Olympic sport of Rhythmic Gymnastics. With multiple locations around Boston and programs for all ages and skill levels, Boston Rhythmic is the area's largest rhythmic gymnastics program with a mission to "empower children to reach beyond what they think is possible".  

Boston Rhythmic is the organizer of the annual show "Rhythmic Around the World", a festival of color, music and costume where hundreads of rhythmic gymnasts and guest performers showcase the rhythms, sounds and colors of nations around the world.  Each year over 50 countries are represented!

Students of Boston Rhythmic compete at local, regional, national and international level and perform at community events around Boston, spreading the love for their favorite sport, rhythmic gymnastics.

Rhythmic Gymnastics is an Olympic sport combining dance, gymnastics and circus skills in routines set to music.  Gymnasts perform amazing flexibility and acrobatic skills while handling small apparatus like hoop, ribbon, ball, clubs and rope.  Exciting tosses and catches, extreme flexibility, graceful dance moves and expressive performances make this sport a delight to watch and is a great crowd pleaser.

Boston Rhythmic gymnasts will be available on the lawn before their performance time to share their talents and teach a few tricks to the audience.  Kids and adults alike are welcome to give this sport a try.  Join us at 2:30pm on the lawn to hoola hoop, twirl ribbons and test your coordination with tosses and catches.

For more information, please call 617-963-6672 or go to  You can also find more photos, videos and updates on Boston Rhythmic Watertown Facebook page