Tap Dancer:  Jenny Herzog

Rapper:  Billy Dean Thomas

Artist:  Maria Termini

ASL Interpreter:  Kimberly Shaw

Produced by local artist, Tamara Safford

Simone Bile on July 30 announced through instagram 'FOR ANYONE SAYING I QUIT, I DID NOT QUIT-- MY MIND AND BODY ARE SIMPLY NOT IN SYNC'
After saying this, Simone Bile won two medals , silver and bronze at the Tokyo Olympics in Gymnastics.
On Friday , august 20 at 2 p.m. The Bostongreenfest is presenting a show about Mind and Body is titled SYNCHRONICITY
A Rappin, and a Tappin with Hand jivin and folks finger poppin and clappin
encapsulated, captivated and summing up the happening in colorful Paints of how to syncopate it
A total sensory syncopated mind blowing Experience
part of the opening performances of this years 14th Annual Bostongreenfest at the Rose Kenndy Greenway, on stage next to the Ring Fountain.
Featuring Billy Dean Thomas ....the awesome Rapper of rapsongs Jenny herzog - the classy snazzy Tap Dancer of Jazz and Rap Signifying hand jiven Kimberly Shaw will help all to Hear Word And Maria Termini , Artist Writer getting it all down on Canvas in Paints
So, synchronize your watches for those of us who love being Environmentally Sound and Synchronized in the tense of NOW Come and witness a demonstration of Mind and Body in perfect Harmony clap and snap with the multi sensory experience of SYNCHRONICITY 2 PM FRIDAY AUGUST 20 at RINGS FOUNTAIN - ROSE KENNEDY GREENWAY