American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC)

American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC)

Founded in 2009, the American Sustainable Business Council has a national membership of businesses and business associations advocating for policy change to build a more vibrant, sustainable economy.

Boston GreenFest and Foundation for a Green Future are proud to be a member of ASBC!

What ASBC Does:

To change public policy, ASBC advocates for legislation that supports sustainability, equity, and justice – from a business perspective:

  • aggressively take a stand against efforts to weaken responsible and sustainable policy and legislation
  • proactively work to pass responsible and sustainable policy and legislation
  • survey responsible business owners for their views on policy issues
  • commission research on policy issues
  • mobilize business leaders across the nation to help make the business case
  • prepare ASBC members to testify before Congress and other lawmakers
  • bring business leaders together to meet with with local, state and federal legislators
  • ensure members speak effectively to the media
  • inform business leaders, policy makers, and the media how a sustainable economy is good for business and good for America.

To learn more about ASBC, click HERE.