Blue Cross Blue Shield Massachusetts

Since 1929, Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) companies have provided healthcare coverage to members, allowing them to live free of worry, free of fear.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield System has increasingly supported community programs that address social determinants of health – the environment in which people are born, grow, live, work and age.

At Blue Cross, we're deeply committed to helping our members and all Massachusetts residents lead healthier lives. While there are no simple solutions to the challenges of health, one thing is clear: no single company can make a lasting, sustainable impact alone. We must all work together. Our approach to citizenship involves every business area in the company and relies on three strategic programs to promote healthy living–Civic Engagement, Community Investments, and Environmental Sustainability.   

We believe in the connection between our health and the environment

At Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts we know that the health of our associates, members and communities is intimately linked with the health of our environment. We’re continually adopting innovative, measurable ways to reduce our impact on the planet, support the well-being of our employees and members, and improve public health. 

Our approach to creating healthier environments

Our 2020 sustainability goals aim for deeper reductions in our own emissions, waste and paper use, support of more sustainable food and reducing harmful chemicals.

We are also committed to actively improving the environmental health of our members and using our resources and brand to support local programs and policies that create healthier environments for all Massachusetts residents. 

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