Bantaré Solutions

Bantareé Solutions will provide 100% all-natural and organic Argan oil, prickly pear oil, carrot oil, fenugreek oil, castor oil, massage oil, and Moroccan Beldi/black soaps, among other products (Scroll down to learn more)!

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Bantarѐ Solutions beauty and personal care products are best in class, 100% organic, undiluted, all natural ingredients made from rare vegetable and mineral sources that are grown and cultivated in Africa. The resulting oils, farmed and extracted by an amazing community of women, who embrace and embody the essence of natural beauty, guarantee our oils, lotions, masks, face, hair and body Beldi soaps provide a luxurious experience from head-to-toe.

Our journey to find the best ingredients for our products led us across the globe. During our travels, we met the Fulani and Berber women, known for their legendary ageless, glowing and natural beauty, have used these organic formulas for generations to prevent and solve common skin and hair conditions

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