Barefoot Books

Barefoot Books specializes in carefully crafted books and gifts that combine beautiful artwork and captivating storytelling while instilling a respect for the diversity of the world. (Scroll down to learn more!)

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 Barefoot Books will be represented by Karin Broadhurst.  There will be stories and games from around the globe with themes like environmentalism, diversity and inclusion, empathy, global citizenship and social emotional learning.  There will also be Cate & Levi puppets, handmade in Canada of fleece and recycled wool sweaters as well as a few wooden fidget toys.

Children need diverse, inclusive and inspiring books.

This is what Barefoot Books is all about. From the very beginning, their books have opened windows to windows to other cultures and perspectives, while also providing children of all backgrounds and abilities with a much-needed mirror of their own experiences. 

We all want to raise the next generation to become global citizens who see the connections between all people, but who are also sensitive to the differences that make us unique. We invite you to browse our beautiful books, peruse the Barefoot Books' Manifesto of what it means to "live Barefoot" and discover all the ways in which you can join the movement to open hearts and minds through the power of stories.

The Barefoot Books' mission is to:

Share stories, connect families, inspire children

Founded by two young mothers in England in 1992 and based in Cambridge, MA, Barefoot Books has published 600+ books for children that encourage discovery, compassion, creativity and global awareness. Their first app, Barefoot World Atlas, has 4 million downloads and their YouTube Channel has 80 million+ views. Most importantly, over nearly a quarter of a century, Barefoot has put more than 20 million books into the hands of children around the world. With a mission to “Share Stories, Connect Families, and Inspire Children,” Barefoot is now leveraging its vibrant, timeless family brand with a social selling model that empowers women entrepreneurs.

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