City Compost

City Compost will help make this year's Boston GreenFest a Zero Waste Village! City Compost offers a collection service that converts food scraps into compost suitable for use in organic growing. Customers can receive 100% of the compost! (Scroll down to learn more!)

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City Compost's service provides individuals and families with a new option for their leftovers, trimmings, and expired foods instead of the trash. 

We provide a weekly collection of all types of food and redirect these nutrients back into the soil while focusing on removing any potential contaminants. By separating things out, a much higher quality finished compost is created by avoiding things like cardboard with flame retardants and colored paper with heavy metals. 

Each batch of finished compost is analyzed to determine pH, NPK, and other compost properties before it goes off to growing more food. Customers have the option to receive 100% of compost back with service.

Be more sustainable, increase your greenprint while you reduce your footprint, and contribute to the cause simply by using the service!!

Learn more:  LINK to City Compost