Honest Tea

We are proud that Honest Tea has been our sponsor for almost 10 years. Honest Tea seeks to create and promote great-tasting, healthy, organic beverages. (Scroll down to learn more!)

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Honest Tea strives to grow its business with the same honesty and integrity it uses to craft its recipes, with sustainability and great taste for all.  The story behind Honest Tea is a wonderful one in which student and professor were able to pair up and not just talk about running businesses, but actually doing it. The company has been able to expand its product line and its horizons since its purchase by Coca-Cola, yet it maintains its integrity. 

How Honest Tea Brews Its Tea:


It begins with organic. Did you know a tea leaf is not typically rinsed between the time it is harvested and the time it is brewed? All of our teas are certified organic according to standards set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and enforced by accredited third-party certifying agents. USDA organic regulations stipulate that irradiation, sewage sludge, synthetic fertilizers, prohibited pesticides, and genetically modified organisms are not used with crops—including tea. 

Fair Trade Certified™

All of their tea & sugar is Fair Trade Certified™. Fair Trade certification empowers farmers and workers to improve their own lives. When purchasing Fair Trade ingredients, Honest Tea pays a “premium” on top of the market price that goes directly back to the farmers, who choose to invest in farms and communities for generations to come.

Real Brewed

Real brewed tea in a bottle? Absolutely! Honest Tea heats water and steeps the tea leaves before bottling, just as you might do at home.

Compost Leaves

Just as it begins, it ends in the soil. Whenever possible, the spent tea leaves are added to compost, helping enrich the soil at farms near our brewing facilities.

How Honest Tea Sweetens Its Beverages

Honest specializes in offering beverages that range from unsweetened and zero grams of sugar to ones that are "Just a Tad Sweet." The  teas, juice drinks, and sodas use a variety of organic sweeteners.

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