Mass Audubon - The Boston Nature Center

Mass Audubon teaches people of all ages about the wonders of the natural world and how to help preserve and protect it for this and future generations. (Scroll down to learn more!)

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The mission of the Mass Audubon is to protect the nature of Massachusetts for people and for wildlife.  The organization seeks to create a Massachusetts in which nature—whether found in a city park or deep inside the forests of western Massachusetts or within an urban greenway, or along the 1,500 miles of Massachusetts coastline—is valued as essential to quality of life in the Commonwealth, and people live with appreciation and respect for the complex ecological systems that sustain life on earth, working together to ensure that they are protected.

The organization serves as a leader and a catalyst for conservation, by acting directly to protect the nature of Massachusetts and by stimulating individual and institutional action through conservation, education, and advocacy.

Mass Audubon's core values include: love of nature; passion and commitment to connecting people with nature; building conservation communities; inspiring action to make a positive difference; offering expertise, sound science, long-term thinking, and community knowledge to solve problems;  and building teamwork to overcome the challenges of a changing world.  

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