Pearl's Premium

Pearl's Premium ultra low maintenance, drought tolerant grass seed delivers breakthrough performance. Mow once a month, cut watering 75%, save time, reduce chemical fertilizers and pesticides. (Scroll down to learn more!)

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For 8 years, Jackson Madnick sought out lawns that took less time, water, and money. He looked for options that didn't need chemical fertilizer because he wanted to protect children, animals, and the environment. His concerns came from his mother Pearl, who gave him his appreciation for the environment and a concern about the effects of some chemicals. When he could not find a low maintenance lawn grass that was also soft and looked good, he started to research options for a beautiful lawn without all the health risks of lawn care and maintenance.  He was determined  to find a lawn solution to protect his daughter and other children from lawn chemicals and to lessen the use of water and runoff into our surface and drinking waters.

He worked with  three National Turf Evaluation Program professors at major agricultural universities to narrow down a mix of special native and adaptive seeds. After much research and testing, this evolved into the unique deep root and very slow growth properties of Pearl's Premium. This is an easy grass to install over existing grass and does not require tearing up the lawn.

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