SwapIt specializes in personal styling and wardrobe customization with second hand clothing. (Scroll down to learn more!)

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Encouraging people to take charge of how they feel by creating a life that feels good on the inside and the outside.

Feel good on the outside

We provide experts, tools, tricks and tips for cleaning out and keeping up the perfect wardrobe for you. Out stylists take you through proven methods of letting go and moving forward with your clothing. We help you find what works on you and what works for you. This is all about you, we help you figure out what you want, not what we think you should have. We will give you honest feedback, and no judgment. Together we will fill your closet with outfits that make you look exactly how you want to feel.

Feel good on the inside

Let your new adventure begin. Taking back your wardrobe is a great step to get what you want out of life so why not do it in a way that also makes you feel good inside. Our process makes you feel warm and fuzzy in many ways. First what you get rid of is used to fill wardrobe holes for others going through the same process. Second you are adding new pieces to your wardrobe with new-to-you clothing helping to save our resources and the environment. Third, all of our sessions are budget friendly, keeping your wallet full.

What we have to offer you. The list is long, so stop reading when you are convinced!

  • Handpicked outfits just for you based on your life, personality and the combination of the two
  • Confidence knowing that you are backed by professional stylists
  • Environmentally friendly shopping
  • Gain value back from clothing you already own
  • Our program can be self-guided to enhance other areas of your life
  • Actually do something with the clothing you don’t need any more
  • We accept all brands in all conditions
  • Less stress and dressing your best with outfits expertly put together
  • End decision fatigue by allowing us to create your outfits with you (ever wonder why Steve Jobs wore the same thing every day?)
  • Non-budget breaking expert advice, tips and tools
  • Professional help cleaning out your closet
  • Text and e-mail help
  • No more wasteful impulse buys
  • Save time in the morning with outfits already created
  • All your apparel needs in one location, from one trusted company
  • SwapIt is ever evolving to exceed your wants and needs. Even ones you don’t know you have

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