Voter Choice MA

Voter Choice MA is a non-profit organization working to bring Ranked Choice Voting to Massachusetts. (Scroll down for more information!)

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Ranked Choice voting is a change in our voting system that allows voters to rank candidates in order of preference. Voters get to express their true values, rather than merely voting against candidates they don't like or holding their noses and voting strategically for the less-bad choice. This makes for more sustainable elections -- it can lead to more environmental advocacy and more civil campaigns.  

Massachusetts voters deserve more choice on the ballot. Imagine an election where no candidate can play the "spoiler," no matter how many candidates run or parties participate. Imagine not feeling pressure to choose “the lesser of two evils.” Imagine voting for who you want, why you want, knowing that election results will truly reflect the will of the voters.

The best way to imagine fair elections is to work to make them happen. It’s time to bring Ranked Choice Voting to Massachusetts!

Ranked Choice Voting allows you to rank the candidates on your ballot in order of preference. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, but this simple process has the power to remake our elections, and our democracy.

Voter Choice MA is your personal headquarters for learning about Ranked Choice Voting, and your portal for getting involved.

For more information, visit Voter Choice Massachusetts online.