Virtual Festival - SCHEDULE

Boston GreenFest Virtual is at the crossroads of our built and natural environment with  innovation, technology, diversity, culture and design.  By pivoting to a digital platform, Boston GreenFest will be able to offer a spectrum of sustainable ideas, products, stories, foods, fashion, innovation, design, architecture, and processes from Boston AND across the globe. A phenomenal four-day program, this year's festival will provide a transcontinental platform for sharing knowledge that can be viewed on television (Amazon Fire Stick and Roku), laptop, desktop, tablet and phone.  Check back on our website as we build up this year's event to see the newest additions.

LAUNCH DATE: Thursday, August 20, 2020
RUNS CONTINUALLY UNTIL: Sunday, August 23, 2020 at 11:59 pm EST
COST: Free
ACCESS: On this website. Here. Home page!

Full Schedule:

FRIDAY, August 21, 2020

Hevesh5 - Lily Hevesh"Earth is Our Home (8,000 Dominos)"

InspiriProductions"Jump Rope Team - Hungary's Best Rope Skipping Team"

Eco EyeClimate Change and Me' - Eco Eye series 15

Taba ChakeShayaad

Taba ChakeMorning Sun

Earth TitanTop 10 Fruits You've Never Heard Of Part 20

Green Mountain Energy 1Top Eco-Friendly Food Tips and Ideas

Green Mountain Energy 1Top Eco-Friendly Kitchen Tips

Yoga Vista - Sherry Zak MorrisLet's Keep Moving! Your online yoga home is ready for you at YogaVista.TV

Green Mountain EnergyYour Power, Your Choice

Kwaku "03"

Jackson GillmanInsect debate

Yoga Vista - Sherry Zak MorrisBody strengthening seated and standing yoga class

New England AquariumVirtual Visit: Sea Turtle Release

New England AquariumVirtual Visit: Penguin Exhibit Cleaning

New England AquariumVirtual Visit: A Dive Inside the Giant Ocean Tank


The Thistle BrothersIntro video

The Thistle BrothersAre You Coming Home Tonight?

Xavier ToscanoShout out

Xavier ToscanoApologies Wasted

Made Out of What?!Let's talk TRASH: Maria Fiter in Barcelona

Green Mountain Energy 2Top Eco-Friendly Gardening and Outdoor Tips

Green Mountain Energy 2Top Eco-Friendly Tips for your Home Electronics

Yoga Vista - Sherry Zak MorrisBody strengthening seated and standing yoga class

Chasing TomorrowEpisode 1 - First Energy Island in the World 

Chasing TomorrowEpisode 2 - Ecovillages (Denmark)

Thomas RoebersFOLI (there's no movement without rythm)




dolltrickRed Velvet Psycho

dolltrickDifferent Ever After

Greenroofs.comStatue of Liberty Museum

Eco EyeEnding Waste' - Eco Eye series 15

FollainFollain Skincare: Experience the power of clean beauty.

FollainTara Folley of Follain: Press

Fashion RevolutionHow to Reduce Our Waste: Food vs Fashion

Fashion RevolutionHow to Respect the Journey your Clothes Have Been On

Maya Moda ReciclajeFashion show

Green Mountain Energy 3How Does Solar Energy Work

Green Mountain Energy 3How Does Wind Energy Work

Ed Markey Senate

Joe Kennedy IIIHello to Festival Goers

Mr. Hip (Donald Vincent)That's So Vegan Cooking Show: Spicy Jambalaya with Brandon Brown

Nkwocha ErnestLagos artist transforms used tires into amazing artwork

Samantha WintherLowland Kids

Ocean River InstituteExtreme Weather Event Takes Out House Lacking a Lawn

Ocean River InstituteSlow Climate Change with Grass

Pearls Premium Lawn

Save the Harbor/Save the BayRevere Beach Resilience

Yoga Vista - Sherry Zak MorrisStrong bones for midlifers: upper back and neck 


Earth EnergyEnergy Video


Kiki.DHold It Down

Kiki.DBehind the Scenes with Kiki.D

FollainCleaner, Greener Beauty with JVN and Follain | Clean Beauty 101 | The Clean Academy (EP 5)

Nika Elugardo

Eco EyeIs it too late to save Ireland's precious Peatlands?

Phunk PhenomenaCarnival

Phunk PhenomenaPrelude NE Juniors 2019

Phunk PhenomenaPrelude NE 2019

eTrikeCo - Howard SappereTrikeCo (Micromobility)

Green Mountain Energy 4Energy Saving Tips - Water Heating

Green Mountain Energy 4Top Eco-Friendly and Green Travel Tips

Cesare MaglioniIntro

Cesare MaglioniThe Plastik Market (Short Film)

Tem BlessedNow is the Time

Tem BlessedThe Money Song

Tem BlessedPlaneta Blu - Rise of Agoo


Mr. HipTHAT'S SO VEGAN COOKING SHOW: Spicy Chickpea Curry ● Season 2 Episode 3

Eco EyeSeaweed Matters' - Eco Eye series 15

Sustainable HumanHow Whales Change Climate

Ed KobanNiagara Falls Part 1

Ed KobanNiagara Falls Part 2

Ed KobanI'd love to change the world

Ed KobanAmazing Grace

Kalanso Biochar

Eco EyePlight of the Bumblebee

Greenroofs.comStatue of Liberty Museum

Greenroofs.comMenara Etiqa Living Wall - Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

Greenroofs.comNational Museum of African American History of Culture

Los Terapeutas del RitmoCholonauta

Los Terapeutas del RitmoLagrimas rojas, lagrimas blancas

Los Terapeutas del RitmoDame dame dame

Los Terapeutas del RitmoBillie Jean

Los Terapeutas del RitmoPor que no se van

Los Terapeutas del RitmoAnother brick in the wall

Los Terapeutas del RitmoYo vivire (desde el balcon) 

Zero Waste DanielSustainable Fashion is Hilarious

Eco EyeGreen with Health' - Eco Eye series 15

Amazing Africa-PoojaCreating Art from Waste ocean sole Kenya Travel vlog


Sammy Rae & the FriendsThe Box

Bioneers/Bill McKibbenBill McKibben - What We've Learned About Climate Change in the Last 30 Years

David FreidShout Out

David FreidHappy Animals

Made Out of What?!Let's talk TRASH: Lesvos solidarity in Lesvos

FollainThe Story of Follain

Blueprint DIY17 Epic Ways to Upcycle Your Old Jeans

Blueprint DIY11 Completely NO-SEW Ways to Upcycle Your Old Clothes

Just Gigi's 

SATURDAY, August 22, 2020

MyGuyZyShout Out

MyGuyZySo Long Final

Fashion RevolutionHow to Mend a Jumper

Laura SuarezInspiracion

Laura SuarezCaí en la Tentación


Greenroofs.comNational Museum of African American History of Culture

Greenroofs.comSoldier Field, Chicago, IL

Fully ChargedSustainable City / Fully Charged

O'Shea Chaplin Dance AcademyO'Shea Chaplin Disney Video

O'Shea Chaplin Dance AcademyIMG 8478

Atlantis StudiosThe Dark Side of Tulum

Blueprint DIYDIY Thrift Flip

Blueprint DIYDIY Peplum Belt Blazer Thrift Flip

Nika Elugardo


CRUDE - The Climate Change MusicalShout Out

CRUDE - The Climate Change MusicalFace the Water

CRUDE - The Climate Change MusicalGo Green

The Ocean CleanupBoyan Slat introduces the Interceptor - Highlights

The Ocean CleanupThe Interceptor™ - How it Works Animation Video

Boston Community Dance Project #ChangeRightNow

Boston Community Dance Project Kaleidoscope

Eco EyeWhat are climate friendly diets? Food for Thought Part 1

NovatorFilm StudiosPliashka

Nathalia JMagSecondhand Clothing Shopping

Nathalia JMagThrift Haul 1

Ocean River InstituteHello, World!  Stop Plastic Pollution

Ocean River InstituteWhy Is This Marine National Monument Important 8MB

Channel 5Bringing the Outside In: Boston's Biophilia

Angies Pavilion

Alexis Perkins Chair One FitnessBodybyAlexis 30 min workout

Nikki Briar Jersey Girl

Nikki Briar Sodier's Princess

Nikki Briar and Sweet Briar BandAfter the New Wears Off

Chasing TomorrowEpisode 4 - Veganism (Germany)


Everybody is a StarEva Sapper:  Love Story

Everybody is a StarLoren Moale: I Just Haven't Met You Yet

Everybody is a StarJasmine Dana: Nagada Sang Dhol

Everybody is a StarTristen Chen

Everybody is a StarTony Salazar: Imagine

Everybody is a StarKyle Mounce: May Angels Lead You In

ClimatepediaAudrey Becker  Climate Solution

ClimatepediaAnna Agnew Climate Solution

Eco EyeWhat is sustainable agriculture? Land Matters Part 1

Consuelo PerezTrash to Treasure 

NottimportantFashion lookbook 

Chevalier Homme - ReginaldChevalier Homme

Mr. HipTHAT'S SO VEGAN COOKING SHOW: No Bake Cacao Cake ● Season 2 Episode 2

Mr. HipTHAT'S SO VEGAN COOKING SHOW: Black Eyed Pea Fritters ● Season 2 Episode 1


Nkwocha ErnestLagos artist transforms used tires into amazing artwork

Valery Zevallos Part 1Fashion show

Valery Zevallos Part 2Fashion show

Save the Harbor/Save the BayHaul Away Together


SOWCALU | The Young African Conservation Leader | Gloria

SOWCALU | The Young African Conservation Leader | Gloria


Orquestra de Instrumentos RecicladosTeaser of upcoming film "Landfill Harmonic"

Orquestra de Instrumentos RecicladosLandfill Harmonic Official Trailer

Eco EyeEco Eye 12 Episode 10. 'The Circular Economy' 2014

Jo-Mé Dance Company (May-Lisa)Undivided

Get Wild Fashion video

Fashion RevolutionFashion Revolution Day - A Global Movement

Nathalia JMagIntro to sustainable fashion

Ed Markey Senate

Joe Kennedy IIIHello to Festival Goers

Karish Karish

Eco EyeEco Eye 13 - Episode 6: 'Green Electricity?'

Sustainable HumanHow Beavers Engineer The Land "The Little People"

Mela Amoroso DesignsFashion

Sustainable HumanWhat Comes After Capitalism?


Blueprint DIYBest 5 Designer Fashion Thrift Flip Upcycles for Summer

Joanne ShenandoahIntro video

Joanne ShenandoahMother Earth

Joanne ShenandoahYou Can Hear Them Dancing

Joanne ShenandoahJoanne Shenandoah, Bill Miller, Mary Youngblood - LIVE

Joanne ShenandoahJoanne Shenandoah Womens Song

Ryan PetersonThe Super Salmon

Ocean River InstituteOcean River Institute Rob's Sperm Whale Story 20MB

Remake10 Ways to Dress Like a Sustainable Fashion Pro

Pat BraxtonMy face

Stephanie ChouShout out

Stephanie Chou"Kanding Love Song" (Solo) - Video 5

Stephanie Chou"In the Moon You'll See My Heart"

Clare Nicholls / Do Yoga With MeFiji - Yoga for Headaches and Migraines

Chasing TomorrowEpisode 3 - Urban Farming (Denmark)


Eco EyeEco Eye 13 - Episode 10: 'Community Energy'

Rakel Matthea Dofradottir Why Fast Fashion is a Bad Thing

Maya Moda ReciclajeFashion show

Greenroofs.comSoldier Field, Chicago, IL

Greenroofs.comWhole Foods in Lynnfield

Julia OthmerShout-out

Julia OthmerHungry Days

Clare Nicholls / Do Yoga With MeGentle Yoga For Reducing Stress With Melissa Krieger

Tokyo TrampsShout out

Tokyo TrampsFlowing Water

Sustainable HumanHumanity's True Purpose

TRILLFITTRILLFIT®: All-Levels 20-Minute Cardio Dance

Clydia (Brazil) Black and WhiteIndigenous People Petition: by Sebastião Salgado

Maritza Villavicencio

Save the Harbor/Save the BayHaul Away Together

SUNDAY, August 23, 2020

InspiriProductions"World's Best Jump Rope Sisters - Rope Skipping Duo"

Earth TitanWorld's Weirdest Animals: Fennec Fox

Mass AudubonIpswich River Sanctuary

Mass AudubonNature Heroes in Action

The Ocean CleanupThe Ocean Cleanup Prototype Press Conference

Ocean River InstituteIce cube in a glass of water demonstrates how Climate Change strengthen the Gulf Stream

Ocean River InstituteFisheries and Lobstermen of the NE Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument

Ocean River InstituteCold Water Corals 37MB

Ocean River InstituteSeamounts and Precious Metals 55 HD

The Ocean CleanupBoyan Slat, Founder & CEO - The story behind the new results on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch


Johnette & Scott"Bamboula Rhythm"

Made Out of What?!Let's talk TRASH: Bordalo in Lisbon Portugal

Made Out of What?!Let's talk TRASH: Faiza Hajji in Morocco

Blueprint DIYDIY Rihanna Fenty Corset Dress

BRACENET Save the seas. Wear a netBoat made of recycled plastic and flip-flops in Kenya

Bishop Land DesignKincaide Park 

TRILLFITTRILLFIT®: 14 Minute Thighs & Tris


Valerie TutsonThe Story of James Fortin

Rachael SageIntro

Rachael SageBlue Sky Days

Rachael SageAlive

Eco EyeSilence is Golden’ Full episode Eco Eye Series 16

Ed Markey Senate

Joe Kennedy IIIHello to Festival Goers

BRACENET Save the seas. Wear a netI am not plastic: bags from cassava 

Jah Free-IIntro video

Ocean River InstituteHealthy grass captures more carbon, and stores more in soils

Ocean River InstituteOcean Rivers Institute saves soil critters

Pearls Premium Lawn

Jah Free-IPerformance


OORJA YouthSupport JR JC BANJARA OORJA the YOUTH ENERGY to renovate a public park

OORJA Youth Reusing Lemons

OORJA Youth (Fitness) (Sun Salutation)ॐ सूर्याय नमः OORJA with SURYA NAMASKAR


Evens Gregoire Shout-out

Evens Gregoire Rev Mwen

Evens Gregoire Tet Ansanm

Mass AudubonAbout Mass Audubon

Mass AudubonAll Persons Trails

Sammy Rae & the FriendsThe Box

Eco EyeHow can Ireland power itself sustainably in the 21st century? The Energy Challenge Part 1

Eco EyeGrass4Gas -Is Ireland about to finally embrace Anaerobic digestion

Nicolas EmdenComo los Pajaros x Chile

Nicolas EmdenSolo Tengo Ojos Para ti

Nicolas EmdenCap 5 (Como Los Pajaros x Chile)

Kwaku "03"

Yoga Vista - Sherry Zak MorrisStretch Break! Deskworker yoga with Sherry 

Mr. HipThat's so vegan cooking show: S3 Ep 1

Nkwocha ErnestLagos artist transforms used tires into amazing artwork


4 Corners YogaWelcome to 4 Corners Yoga

4 Corners YogaPromo Video on Forrest Yoga


Taina AsiliWe Are Rising

Taina AsiliLa alegria

Taina AsiliPlanting the Seed

Women of the World Ayiti Cherie recorded Live 

Women of the World Bread and Roses 

Women of the World Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho

Women of the World Muntagne del me' Piemunt

Women of the World The Real Group - Walking Down the Street

Pat BraxtonMy face

Made Out of What?!Let's talk TRASH: Laura Stefani in Padua Italy

Made Out of What?!Let's talk TRASH: Aaron Kramer in Los Angeles CA

Ilio BarontiniNocturnal Love

Boston Vegetarian SocietyBoston Vegetarian Society clip

Earth TitanWild vs Domesticated Foods Ep.3

Greenroofs.comBoston Medical Center

Greenroofs.comFenway Farms

Hipshot BandWelcome

Hipshot BandLive performance

The Ocean CleanupThe Ocean Cleanup System 001 Launch - Aerial Footage

The Ocean CleanupThe Ocean Cleanup System 001 Launch - Live Highlights

The Ocean CleanupSystem 001 - How it works. Animation by in60seconds

eTrikeCo - Howard SappereTrikeCo (Micromobility)

8:00-10:00Valentina SoundsIntro

Valentina SoundsSave the Last Dance for Me

Valentina SoundsEat the Chocolate

Valentina SoundsThe Sea

Valentina SoundsFor Both of Us

Eco EyeEco Eye Series 12 - Episode 6 - "Future Farming"

Sustainable HumanHow not to Go Extinct

Sustainable HumanSeparated from our natural being

Yoga Vista - Sherry Zak MorrisWant strong legs? Do this short sequence every day!

Yoga Vista - Sherry Zak MorrisLet's Keep Moving! Your online yoga home is ready for you at YogaVista.TV

MyGuyZySo Long Final

MyGuyZyThank you BOS GreenFest!

At TechThe Current State of Electric Vehicles Documentary

Nathalia JMagThrift Haul 2

Nathalia JMagSo you want to live more sustainably?


Brother SeaAll as One

Brother SeaLoose Change

Brother SeaPortobello in Isolation

Brother SeaTriskele

Eco EyeHow can communities help improve water quality? On the Water Front Part 2

RemakeMade in America Remake

RemakeNYFW April 2018

RemakeNYFW April 2018

Jim Cruise The SpoonmanIntro

Jim Cruise The SpoonmanSandwich County Fair

Jim Cruise The SpoonmanJim Cruise - Spoon Man Compilation number 1

Jim Cruise The SpoonmanJim Cruise - The "Spoon Man" Spoon Playing Compilation 2

Jim Cruise The SpoonmanSpoon Man - Jim Cruise - Spoon Playing 2014

Simon ParadisA View From the Porch: Urban Agriculture

Save the Harbor/Save the BayEJ at Charlestown Navy

Boston Community Dance Project Open House

Boston Community Dance Project Don't Let the Beg Bugs Bite!

Virtual Festival - SCHEDULE