We do our best to WalkTheTalk in preparing for Boston GreenFest and operating it.  This is not always easy and we try to do a little better each year.  

Here are some of the things we hold dear:

  • No bottled water on site - fresh water is available thanks to Boston Water.  Use your water bottle to fill up!
  • We will do our best to be a "ZERO WASTE" event with the help of City Compost.
  • All materials at the festival such as festival signs and pamphlets are made from eco-friendly materials, preferably recycled or upcycled ones.
  • We try to keep our energy use to a minimum and what energy we do use, we offset with clean renewable energy.
  • We fill the plaza with plants to bring as much green and oxygen to the plaza as possible.
  • The t-shirts for our staff and volunteers are made of organic cotton.
  • We ask our exhibitors to limit the amount of paper they hand out.
  • Lighting is either LEDs or CFLs.
  • We educate people about the benefits of being vegetarian and reducing their carbon-water footprint.
  • We offer fitness classes/demos throughout the weekend - the healthier we are, the more sustainable we are.