At Boston GreenFest, diversity and inclusion have always been a cornerstone of our organization. Our talented multicultural team includes amazing hardworking individuals from six continents who share a passion for making the world a better place.

Karen L. Weber, PhD

Executive Director

Scott Beaudoin

Executive Communications Director

Shimon Warden

Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Sophie Santillan

Director of Growth and External Relations

Scott Bernstein

Director of Communications and Marketing

Kyle Tancrell

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Beverley Spence

Director of Project Management

Rob Moir, PhD

Director of Climate and Sea Level Rise Programs

John Gaffigan

Director of Green Technology

Brian Braginton-Smith

Executive Director of Smart Cities

Sean Somers

Director of ESG Strategies

Daniel Sundaram

Future Leaders Summit Advisor

Ed Koban

Director of Native American Programs

Juan Aurelio Lopez

Director of Latino Programs

Amit Dixit

Director of South Asian Programs

Michael Bezdek

Director of Conscious Leadership

Christopher J. Smith, Esq.

Festival Legal Counsel

Angela Mah

Senior Advisor for Small Businesses

Greg Watson

Senior Advisor

Franziska Amacher


Peter Smith


Isaias Medina III

Senior Advisor, Water and Climate

Robyn Reed

Director of EcoArt Programs

Tamara Safford

Director of EcoArt Content

Clydia Davenport

Content Creation Advisor

Anselmo Cassiano Alves

Senior Advisor of EcoYouth and Business Programs

Fai Cassian

Future Leaders Summit Advisor

Angie Brutus

EcoFashion Content Advisor

Consuelo Perez

EcoFashion Designer and Content Advisor

Franchesca Salamanca

EcoFashion Content Advisor

Edwin Salamanca

Latino Content Advisor

Owen Toney

EcoYouth Advisor - RIP

Jacob Salamanca

Content Creation Advisor

Gloria Carrigg

Music and EcoArt Content Advisor

La India Promotions

Stage Managers

Carl Stephens

Idea Generator and Rainmaker

Marc Older

Content Creation and Transportation Advisor

Pamela St. Aimee

Public/Private School Outreach Coordinator

Betty Chin

Director of Administrative Services

Alexandra (Alex ) Maillot

Content Creator Advisor

Maxime Maillot

Content Creation Advisor

Alex Salamanca

Graphic Design Intern

Silvia de la Sota

Director of Peruvian Community Outreach

Mela Miles

Community Inclusion and EcoFashion Advisor

Jocelin Mora

Future Leaders Summit Manager

Sawsan Alhaj

Event Management Associate

Naka Joel Budi

Future Leaders Summit Associate

Mbongtu Blessing Nfor

Future Leaders Summit Associate

Juliette De Andrade

Media Production Assistant

Sabrina Dengler

Content Management Associate