Panelists & Presenters

Boston GreenFest Business Summit 2020 Our mission to educate, empower, and build towards a smarter world is shared by a growing list of people and organizations taking action. Together with a diverse and passionate set of experts in environmental sustainability, we continue to strive to shape a better society through actions and ideas.

Anselmo Cassiano Alves

Learn Series Chair, MIT Water Club 2017-2020

Scott Beaudoin

Social Purpose & Sustainability Communications Leader, Brodeur Partners

Scott Bishop

Principal, Bishop Land Design, LLC and Professor of the Practice, Northeastern University

Brian Braginton-Smith

President and CEO, AquaGen Infrastructure Systems, Inc.

Apolo Catala

Farm Manager, Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corporation

Storm Cunningham

Executive Director, RECONOMICS Institute

Naomi Davis

President and Founder, Blacks in Green

Chitra Dwarka

CEO, Shading Designs

Janine Finnell

Executive Director, Leaders in Energy

Dave Gajadhar

CEO and Founder, Resultant Group

Janice Goodman

Owner and President, Cityscapes

Jack Groh

Director, National Football League Environmental Program

Susan Groh

Associate Director, NFL Environmental Program

Vineet Gupta

Director of Planning, Boston Transportation Department at City of Boston

Bill McKibben


Isaias Medina III


Ambereen Mirza

Global Consultant, Polikey

Allentza Michel

Founder, Principal and Creative Director, Powerful Pathways

Dr. Rob Moir

Executive Director, Ocean River Institute

Monica Nakielski

Director, Sustainability and Environmental Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Muthaiya Panneerselvam

Senior Manufacturing Manager, Wieland Metals Singapore

Mario S. Portugal-Ramirez

Researcher and Lecturer, UMass Boston

Gretchen Rabinkin

Executive Director, Boston Society of Landscape Architects

Shimon Warden

Vice President of Operations, Unytalk

Greg Watson

Director of Policy and Systems Design, Schumacher Center for a New Economics

Çaca Yvaire

Ruinwright, Rx Mahomedrui